Hadiyyah is a Florida planted and grown Singer, Actress and Writer in Los Angeles attempting to live the dream. Ever since she was a fetus she has known what she wanted to do, and that was perform. Whether it be singing along to the alphabet in the womb or screaming Whitney Houston’s I will always love you at the top of her tiny lungs from the back of the car she was always ON.

Fast forward to her school years, despite going to school to study the medical sciences she always knew that she was going to be on a stage or a screen. So while she was learning to read electrocardiograms she was also learning the lines to a show or running the drama club. Resolved to be a performer Hadiyyah attended The Florida State University for acting. It was here that she discovered her love of Stage and Film didn’t have to be separate loves.

So two years after graduating she packed up her 2012 Kia Soul Beetlejuice, and drove her self and her dog Edgar Allen Poe across the country to Los Angele California. Since then She has performed in countless stage shows including but not limited to The world premier of Esther: The musical originating the role of Marjan, originating the role of Suzanne Collins in CAC studios original production of Chicabarent and even originating the role of Daria in Project Mayhem: A rock musical also at CAC Studios.

In addition to her stage shows she is currently in the writing stage of three web shows and a feature. So stay tuned cause this fetus is going places!